There’s been lots of discussion about why U.S. voters chose Bush on my Married in Japan list. (remember, though, only about 51% of the U.S. actually chose him)

This is a list of non-Japanese women (mostly English speaking) married to Japanese men. Some women live in Japan, others in many different countries.

A non-U.S. member recently was talking about why she couldn’t comprehend how Bush was elected. She asked for Bush voters to talk about their reasons.

I was very interested to hear, as well. It was hard for me to understand how any internationally-connected person could vote for an administration that has done so much to tarnish international relations.

One person mentioned the whole “institute bilateral talks with North Korea” as a reason, saying Kerry’s plan showed little knowledge of North East Asian politics.

Another person mentioned the religious angle (which I have a whole ‘nother problem with because what politician is clean, I ask you?).

All in all, however, it made me less angry and sad about Kerry losing to hear these other internationally minded people discuss their reasons.

Not that I agree, but at least I can understand where people are coming from.

That helps.