So every time I go to Mia’s soon-to-be kindergarten, I feel like I am jumping in blind.

I am no idea beyond a vague idea like “I have to put a deposit in” and when I get there it invariably turns out to be much more involved than I thought.

Yesterday was no exception. I got there, thinking I’d just pay and leave.

No, you have to go to a table and bow and greet the vice prinicipal. She takes your acceptance letter, then passes it on to a flunky who then you pay your 900 dollars to.

Then you have to take your child around to about 8 other tables where they try on the school uniform (navy outer jacket, skirt for girls, “gym” clothes including long and short sleeves, sweatshirt, hat, shoes, socks, and regulation backpack.)

Mia was not feeling cooperative with all this taking on and off of clothes. Of course the girl right before and behind me in line could do all of the taking on and off by themselves. grrrr.

Then, you stand in a long line for a while as another teacher adds up all your clothes items. Then another teacher adds up the total for all the school items (regulation pens, crayons, etc.) and the clothes.

Then you go to the last table (sigh of relief here) in order to actually pay another couple hundred dollars for all of the above.

Then you’re done! Yay!

Mia played in line with a girl who took an interest in Maika sitting in her car seat. That helped a lot. And it made me feel good to see Mia playing WITH someone rather than NEXT to someone.