so I’ve been thinking about breastfeeding, potty training, and cosleeping recently.

partly because people on MIJ are talking about going back home and getting comments about their extended breastfeeding (more acceptable here), as well as my dealing with my own feelings about upbringing I’ve made that don’t fit neatly into u.s. culture.

the funny thing is, culture really has soooooo much to do with what we think is “right” about childrearing. It’s so funny to me to read about warnings against cosleeping as dangerous when Japan’s been doing it, mostly safely, for thousands of years. It’s the norm.

It also is funny to me to hear U.S. people say it’s okay for a 4 year old not to be potty trained yet when “codependent” Japan focuses on potty training by age 2.

I sure am glad I have the benefit of being an outsider in two cultures, (u.s. because I have japanese influence and Japan because I have u.s. influence) because it really lets me see how the “truth” is tied up with culture and values.