okay, so, you would think that probably everyone in the industrialized world had heard of 9/11, right?

And that most people are probably clued into the fact that airport security is getting tighter these days?

Or is it my jet setting lifestyle that clues me into these things?

Anyway, on our way to Guam, we are going through the security line and the woman in front of me pops a big, honking pair of scissors out of her purse and puts it in one of those little trays to go through security.

Oh yeah, like scissors were okay even before 9/11?

Then she gets all argumentative with the security person when they tell her she has to leave it there. She’s all like (imagine annoyingly high feminine voice here) “oh I didn’t know you couldn’t take lethally edged metal things on planes” and “Can’t I put it in my checked baggage?” (idiot, your checked baggage is gone)

Did she think acknowledging she has a potential hijacking weapon made it okay for her to take said weapon on the plane?

get a clue!

anyway, I was laughing about it with Naoto, but now that I’ve read a salon.com article (http://salon.com/mwt/wire/2004/11/23/gun/index.html) about people “forgetting” guns and bullets and knives were in their purses/briefcases, etc. even now, I am more saddened than entertained.