…is what was written on a sign outside a Japanese bread store. Japanese bread stores are unlike U.S. ones in that they are dens of iniquity. They sell lots of little breads about the size of a roll.

You got your hot dog in a croissant, pizza, onion flavored, tuna salad, bacon and camembert, etc. etc. Along with various shaped chocolate, sweet bean paste, almond, maple, etc. etc.

Abandon all diets, ye who enter here.

Anyway, in Japan there is a kind of bread from these stores called “melon pan”. (the Japanese word for bread comes from Portuguese/Spanish “pan”)

It doesn’t taste like Melon, although there are many things in Japan that horrifically enough, do taste like melon (soda, gum, ice cream), it is just shaped like a melon.

Anyway, I guess this store thought it was getting all fancy schmancy by using the french “pain” (even though the store’s name is “Denmark”) instead of “pan.”

which gives you ……”melon pain.”