So I went to the christmas party (not that people here really celebrate christmas, no work holiday, but people use it as an excuse to get together before the mighty japanese holiday of new year’s) put on by the midwife who delivered Maika.

It was strange to be in a room full of mothers and children whose only common point was that we were naked and sweating and in pain in the same room at some point. (not at the same time, mind you)

The weirdest thing was saying hello to Teruhara-san. she was the apprentice midwife who mostly took care of me during labor and rubbed my perineum and back and who helped with the actual catching of Maika.

I haven’t talked to her for 7 months. I don’t even know her first name. Yet she is the first person in the world to touch my daughter and has seen me all bloody and naked.

I wished her Merry Christmas and then was at a loss for words.