Whelp (as someone I know often says),

there goes another New Year’s. Mia stayed up with Naoto until 12:30. I zonked out at Maika’s bedtime.

Very unexciting.

Last night, however, Naoto’s cousin (he has many, mother was 6 of 8 girls)who lives nearby invited us over.

Mia is really shy. It really came home to me as there were two other 3 year old girls there, as well as a 1 year and 5 year old boy.

Mia looked away when people spoke to her. The others just laughed and giggled and suffered cheek pinching and stuff.

Did I do this to Mia somehow? It’s hard not to be isolated with a Foriegner mother. It’s hard because not only does your mommy not attract other mommies as well, but she tends to talk to you a lot because you are the only other native english speaker around. Then the fact that she is talking english to you makes a kind of wall sometimes.


I had to leave an hour in because it was wayyy past maika’s bedtime and she was squealing. However, Naoto told me later that apparently Mia thawed out and was enjoying herself.