So last year when we were looking for jobs and possibly to move back to the states I sent out over a 100 resumes over a 4 month period.

We got about 2 nibbles and no offers.

Recently I have been sending out resumes to jobs, very casually, expecting nothing. (maybe totaling 10 in all)

We already have one phone interview scheduled and another nibble on his resume from a Japanese company.

But…this time…I’m not ready yet. I still want Mia to have the kindergarten experience here.

A big, huge decision is coming upon us. On one side is Cleveland with family, friends, and possibility of buying a house. (on the negative side not much career prospect for me nor access to Japanese culture and far far away from Tokyo). On the other side is the West coast with good career prospects for both Naopi and I, access to Japanese culture and direct flights to Tokyo. (negative includes far away from family, no friends, and less possibility of buying a house)

what to do?

but it’s too early to tell, really