There’s a meme going around on some of the weblogs I frequent. This does not include sex or dating type answers. Here are the 10 things I have done that you haven’t. Or at least I don’t think so. I have quite the eclectic group of friends…

1. Shook hands with magic johnson (okay, I was like, maybe 2 years old at the time and he was still playing at michigan)

2. Sung onstage with big bird(I was in the cleveland orchestra children’s chorus and we did this concert at Blossom Music Center and big bird was there.)

3. scuba dived in Palau and been surrounded by like more than 10 sharks

4. eaten sea slug

5. skinny dipped in a stranger’s pool in Galicia, Spain

6. Had a conversation in Spanish, English, German, Japanese, and Portuguese at the same time(only 2 other participants!)

7. Wrote and directed a play (okay, it was in middle school, but still)

8. swam in lake baikal, siberia

9. flown more than 24 trans-oceanic flights.

10. Dated a black belt martial arts instructor