From Metropolis (online English newspaper about Tokyo)

“There were so many lecherous gropers on the crowded Saikyo Line last year (the youngest 14, the oldest 80), that putting an all-female car on trains is being considered.”

There are cars on other lines that are already designated “women only.” However, these cars run only at night. Women get groped here at a surprisingly high rate at all times of the day (especially morning rush hours).

It goes unreported because a) on a crowded train, who really knows whose hand it was? b) in a shame culture, it is shameful to make a fuss about being molested and c) slap on the wrist penalties if the guy can even be caught (easy to run away in train stations)

Apparently there are like “groper clubs” of men who corner women on the train and feel her up or whatever.

Can I just say that it disgusts me that this is a semi-accepted practice here? I mean, there’s a lot of talk and a lot of expressed outrage, but there’s very little being done to change attitudes or laws to eradicate this.