Or at least this quiz thinks I am:


As it didn’t include unitarianism or quakerism, I am a little suspicious.

It also didn’t include a “I don’t know” option, or a “I believe this is how man processes divinity” option for questions like “I believe there is only one god” or “I believe there is true evil in the world.”

Strange, I was never really turned on by Buddhism, it always seemed to escapist to me. I prefer religions (on an intellectual level, at least) that help people make sense or survive life as it is now.

I don’t think I get to choose my religion, really, though. As someone else (I don’t remember, sorry) once wrote, “in the synagogue I feel like I am participating in religion, in a church I feel like an anthropologist”.

For me just switch “synagogue” with “lutheran service” and you got it. Or you might as well put in “temple”, “pagan ritual”, or “other, non Protestant faith” in there as well.

I’ve been to quite a range of religious services on at least 3 continents. The only one that does it for me on a non-intellectual level, on a ritual, evisceral level is the traditional Lutheran service.

Which makes me sad, really. Because I would like to be a Quaker or a Pagan. They appeal to me on so many levels.

But deep down inside I’m a Lutheran.