Maika’s got Roseola (we think). She’s running a high fever and we had to take her to the doctor.

Influenza is making the rounds here in Tokyo. The doctor says he doesn’t think Maika’s got influenza, thank goodness.

We were supposed to go into Tokyo for an MIJ get together, so I’m kind of disappointed. I also was crabby and snarky with Mia, but tonight I ordered pizza for dinner so everything’s okay again.

According to Kyodo News, Tokyo is the 3rd most expensive city in the world to live in. The other two expensive cities are in Northern Europe. New York only ranked 12th.


And finally, from Metropolis (tokyo English news ‘zine):

“The Central Disaster Management Council let it be known that if a quake with a magnitude of, oh, say, 7.3 should smack Tokyo at 6pm, 850,000 houses would be destroyed and there would be ¥112 trillion worth of damage, more than 11 times that of the Great Hanshin Earthquake in 1995. ¥112 trillion is more than the government’s annual budget and is equal to about 20 percent of the gross domestic product. Japan would go bust.”

Let’s just hope it doesn’t happen now.