I was just browsing through salon.com and read an article about how

some oil survey experts are saying that we are going to hit Peak Oil in

the next 2 years.

According to this article it meant that we will have reached the

most/highest amount of oil available, and that despite global

increasing demand, that the amount of oil production would just go down.

This, while not exactly surprising to me, was very shocking. I did a

quick google on the subject and found many pages, that struck me as

alarmist, but also as people thinking about a future without oil,

plastics, petroleum products. Especially in terms of how the u.s.

economy is currently based on huge amounts of debt and how a sharp rise

in oil prices could effectively upset that precarious apple cart

causing inflation


I am freaking out a little bit here. I am imagining a world where there

is little shipping, airplanes are prohibitively expensive, and i am

imagining this in MY LIFETIME.

I was wondering if anybody else had heard of this? Am i just really

overreacting to crazy websites?

(especially this one:http://www.lifeaftertheoilcrash.net/Index.html)

It really started me thinking about things like maybe buying some gold

jewelry for my girls instead of putting so much money into stocks, and

also about which country, Japan or the U.S., might be “safest” to live

in if things really do turn out to be terrible.

Kirsten @ maybe getting herself all worked up about nothing