So we made it. We’ve been a week in Portland. I am convinced we’re somehow in Pleasantville.

I mean, have you EVER been to a dmv where people were well-groomed, nice, and where you only had to wait in line for about 3 seconds? (and not just once, but the two times I went and the 1 time Naoto went as well)

Where dealers advise you to go to a different mechanic for your car’s problem and then you get a discount for being referred? AND they get you in on the same day and fix the problem in 2 hours?

Or where a delivery man is so enthusiastic upon delivering your package that he invites you fishing with him?

It’s a bit scary, I tell you.

I am freaking out because there’s like a MILLION stores I want to go to (moonstruck chocolate cafe, for one) and don’t get me started on the organic produce available…

I had a little meltdown in a grocery store because I was overwhelmed by the choices in olives, I all of a sudden realized how much I had missed being able to shop for food I wanted without going to the special, expensive section.

My father and stepmother were here for a few days and really helped us get through the first period where we had like, nothing in our apartment besides a mattress. We found ourselves couches and dining tables and a 2001 camry and now I feel like we are actually living in a home instead of a strange, bare hotel room we will be leaving soon.

oh yeah, I’m in AMERICA!!!!!!! (whoo hooo!!!!!!)

Now, if only I can convince Naoto to let me loose in Powells (only an 8 minute drive away) with my credit card and no children….