Since my embarassing fiasco in the Bay Area when I went through many preliminary steps in getting prequalified to get a mortgage, and then realized I had like NO CHANCE of buying a house anywhere we actually wanted to live even with two incomes and no kids, I haven’t considered non-renting at all.

So, I haven’t lived in “my house” since, oh about 1990. That would be more than 15 years of temporary living. 15 years of making sure not to make huge holes in the wall, not being able to choose my wall or carpet color, parking spaces instead of a garage, and neighbors to the side and below.

Although people here say Portland home prices are crazy, compared to the Bay Area or Tokyo it’s quite reasonable.

So, I think, maybe, possibly, we might try to buy a house at the end of our 6 month lease.


I just got over the scariness and responsibility factor of buying a car, I don’t know how I will handle the whole house thing.

Actually, the biggest conundrum I am facing now is the whole “beaverton- large Japanese population, safe for kids, suburb” vs. “SE Portland- urban environment, not so many Japanese, Japanese immersion school” thing.

where to live? where to live?