Since I am the kind of person who thinks they know what’s good for other people, as soon as I knew we were moving to Portland, I started cruising the internet for rugby teams.

The only one I found that was near Naoto’s level was Avalanche rugby. It is part of the international gay rugby league.

So of course I was all like “oh you’ve got to go to a practice and join this gay rugby team” just so I could tell people my husband played on a gay rugby team.

But of course, Naoto did his usual ‘kirsten’s butting her nose into my business type thing’ and probably didn’t really take me seriously.

until last night, when he went. He came back and said that it was a lot of fun. he is probably one of the best players there, since everyone else is mostly a rugby newbie.

he also said he didn’t know if it was due to their Portlandness or not, but everyone was very nice. ( and hey, rugby is ALL about cursing and roughing eachother up physically and mentally).

He mentioned that the coach was telling the players how if a certain position gets in the way of another player trying to throw the ball out from under the scrum that position would be called “as-hole”. So during play, sure enough, one of the newbies got in the way and the coach and everyone started calling him “as-hole! as-hole!”. Then Naoto said the coach called out “not that you really ARE an as-hole…”

feel good rugby, only in Portland.