Today was a busy day- but it was also one day of a kind of life that I dream about. It’s a life that I never actually thought that I might achieve.

Today we got up, had a leisurely breakfast, drove 14 minutes into downtown Portland and went to see Portland Taiko’s matinee for kids where they shared the stage with African drummers as well. Then we drove back to my new church, St. Lukes, where I did a new member orientation and then volunteered at their once monthly “community table” (free meal for anyone who cares to come plus food boxes).

Naoto and the girls played around the church as I volunteered, and then came and “helped” serve food.

So here we have all the elements of life that I consider necessary:

family doing things together

Japanese culture activity

Other (as in non Japanese or non mainstream u.s.) culture activity

service activity

interaction with our own “community”

Not that this kind of day happens too often, but the fact that all the elements are here and possible in Portland just makes me think how incredible, absolutely, undeservingly lucky we are that Naoto found a job here.

Oh yes, one of the cross streets near our (dare I say it) soon-to-be-new house is “Cleveland Bay”.

And despite some problems with our offer letter and a not-so-nice realtor on the seller side, it looks like we may be buying a house in Beaverton come October. Wow, a house and everything.

God I hope this is the last move for at least 5 years!