We ventured out to our first Japanese restaurant here in Portland last night. It is strange to me how in Portland there is a “teriyaki something” restaurant on every corner. I guess they’ve outstripped sushi bars and throwing-knives-restaurants for “most popular Japanese dish” award.

This was a more traditional style Japanese restaurant with a nice selection of overpriced sake, homestyle cooking, and americanized sushi selections.

But the best part was the gigantic candy basket and traditional japanese toys they had set out by the entrance. I spent half my time running after maika to and fro from the basket, but at least it kept her occupied!

We had chawanmushi (savory custard with chicken and shrimp) deep fried octopus, salmon rice balls, and tofu fried and cold in sauce. I also had a philadelphia roll (cream cheese and salmon). It was all very good. It was nice for me to get back to americanized sushi. I like sushi in Japan, but its….a little…..plain. I LOVE american sushi rolls.

Anyway, it was called Miki’s in Tigard. It was great. I give it an 8 out of 10 for child friendly (needs to have child spoons and unbreakable dishes as well as faster check service) and 9 out of 10 for taste.