Okay, I don’t actually think my question is a fair one. I am not angry at men or even Naoto that much.

However, it seems like in the past week, I have found several examples of how many men tend to (not all men and not all the time, of course)have a problem with responsibility towards their family.

Exhibit A: All the husbands on my guilty secret addiction tv shows : SuperNanny/Nanny 911 and Wife Swap/Trading Spouses.

On the nanny shows, while both parents often have problems that the nanny needs to address, it is always (of course this is network television, I realize) the fathers who don’t get on board with the Nanny’s ideas right away. They either are lax in enforcing rules or altogether think the nanny is crazy for telling them they can’t spend 90% of their free time doing hobbies instead of playing with their children.

Exhibit B: A certain husband of mine, as well as a certain husband of a friend.

Both of them work alot at nights. Why is this a problem, you ask? Because it makes them tired and grumpy in the morning and during the day when they should be playing with their kids whom they only really see on the weekends anyway. Then they have to take naps, which is when they should be getting done household chores like setting up the new printer or taking out the garbage. These household chores end up being done while mommy takes care of the kids (even though that’s what’s she’s been doing from the time they wake up to the time they sleep every weekday anyway) because Daddy can’t do chores and take care of the kids at the same time.

The daddies choose to stay up late playing solitaire on the computer or watching football or a movie, which granted, is fun, but if you have stuff to do, do it FIRST, then play.

Is it a fundamental difference of perspective? Are women really that much better at putting their own needs aside or doing their duty first before play? Are men having a problem being mature? Or am I over reacting?