After 6 months here in Portland, you’d think we’d have gone to more than just 2 Japanese restaurants. Well, actually, Naoto goes to another one near his work with coworkers, but as I’ve never been there, I can’t really speak for it.

Anyway, despite being tempted to trek to NE Portland for a rumored Brewery Restaurant with a child’s playspace, we decided to go Japanese instead.

Koji Osakaya was deserted at 12pm when the Suzuki/Lincolns arrived. We sat at a booth (nice for kids) and ordered a variety of foods. I give kudos to the waitress for bringing out 2 cups of water with lids and straws without even being asked!

Mia’s shoyu ramen was blah, but my Bull Dog roll (pork cutlet with tonkatsu and spicy sauce) was very yummy. Naoto’s bento with stir fried beef and tempura was okay. The tempura was a little oily. But my gyoza were awesome!

At the end, when they didn’t have the flavor of mochi ice cream we asked for, they gave us regular ice cream on the house.

All in all for service Koji gets a high score. The food was hit and miss.

Alas, the search for good ramen continues….