So we’re back from Japan. The trip back was a breeze (never thought I’d say that, actually) but it went so quickly because of the private screens with stop/start/rewind functions on the multiple movie/show options for each seat. It was an aerobus airplane, and it had a few less seats next to each bathroom area making it easier to get around drink carts and such. I really enjoyed it (sorry brother who used to work for boeing) Let’s just say I didn’t have to do much entertaining of the girls either on the way there or the way back….

This time Mia and Maika were fabulous. Mia actually wasn’t all “only mommy” the whole time and consented to play with Baba and Jiji. Naoto went out almost every night with friends, and we got to see some of our old play buddies from Higashi Murayama.

And most importantly, I got to eat Maple Melon pan. Which, for those of you poor, U.S. bound people, is an experience akin to paradise you shalt never experience.

Naoto remarked to me that it wasn’t weird at all to be back in Higashimurayama. I agreed that it didn’t feel natsukashi (nostalgic) at all. It almost felt like we were living our normal life there (except for the cramped sleeping in the in-laws tiny house part)

I must bow down to claritin as the only way we survived this experience as the in-laws have a cat. Usually I am dying after a few hours, but claritin saved the day and I was able to spend 10 days there without very much discomfort. Yay modern science.

The best part of the whole trip for me was a little trip to Kinugawa onsen with baba and jiji. It was Mia and Maika’s first time in the big, public, hot springs pools, and they both seemed to like it alot. The food was also…er…interesting. For example, dinner included a beef and potatoes pot, poached firefly squid in pureed rape blossom sauce, sakura sweet rice ball, shrimp and panko tempura, and jellyfish. Yum!

I am glad to be back home, however. I am hoping baba and jiji will come visit us this summer or fall. I am excited to show them where we live now.