So I’ve become like addicted to weeding. I see those little buggers and I can’t help myself, I have to lean down and pull them out. We’ve got weeds in our flower beds, weeds in our gravel, and weeds in our bark beds.

Mia can be calling me and I’m like “got to get just one more”, but one more turns into another, and another, and so on. It’s terrible.

Anyway, here in Portland is this really crazy weed that is a single stalk. It pulls easily from the ground, but the thing is, they totally freak me out. As soon as you even slightly touch it, a bunch of seeds come flying out in all different directions.

I’ve gotten a few in my eyes a couple of times. And of course, I read a few months ago about this woman who went to a doctor because she was going blind in one eye. They found a tiny seed growing in her eye.

So now I’m all paranoid, like “oh no, I’ve got weed seeds growing under my contacts!”