I so Rock.

So we’ve been having unplanned financial woes this week. We found out Naoto needs some serious dental work and a kid (unable to prove because he won’t admit it) broke our kitchen window with a rock.

Then today, in what I thought was the last straw, our garbage disposal stopped grinding for the SECOND TIME IN TWO WEEKS. Luckily, the girls were occupied by Boowa and Kwala (Mia sits and helps Maika do it) so I had time to try my mad handyman skillz.

(Ron, our awesome grandfatherly handy man always talks about what he does as he is doing it. Sometimes I only half listen as most things he does I will never never try to do on my own. However, when he came last week to fix our garbage disposal I actually listened)

And it worked! I fixed the garbage disposal all on my own! (cue Dora the Explorer music here, “we did it, we did it, we did it, yeah, lo hicimos”)

On top of that, our printer ran out of ink. I happened to see a refill store, so I went on over there and got a refill cartridge, brought it back home, figured out how to put it in with NO directions (and a Japanese operating system thank you very much) and it didn’t work.

So I figured out how to read the Japanese for “nozzle cleaning” and got it to work! By myself. With no help from Naoto.

I so Rock.

Now, if only I could do expensive dental work. I wonder if Home Depot has any workshops on that….