We got a “mom eats free’ coupon for a local mexican restaurant that advertised mariachi during the dinner time. I figured if I pulled an ’emmons’ (my mother’s maiden name, it means get to a place so godawful early no one else is even awake yet. I have lots of memories of people sweeping the stage before performances and dinners at 4:30) we wouldn’t get trampled by the mother’s day rush.

We got there at about 5;15 and this Andean pipes duo was playing. I was a little disappointed because I was all ready for full on mariachi, but we four ate for under 20 dollars, so I wasn’t that upset.

Well, just as we were getting our check, I heard some light applause from the front of the restaurant, and five guys in full, embroidered jackets, booted splendor came in. So just as we left they started playing. Mia and Maika started twirling around and we stayed at the entrance to watch them for a moment.

When we got in the car, naoto’s all like “they’re so cool. I bet I could sing like that.” I agreed that he could sing like that, but the idea of a Japanese guy dressed like that and singing Mariachi just gives me nightmares. No swedish sumo and no Japanese mariachi, please. Call me racist or whatever, it doesn’t matter. It’s the same reason you wouldn’t put ketchup on sushi or soy sauce on hotdogs.

They just don’t go together.