I’ve been quiet online for a while now for a couple of reasons. First of all, I am participating in a Pirates of the Caribbean writing challenge.

You set your own goal (mine is 1000 words a week) from now until the new movie comes out on July 7th. I send my weekly progress to a woman from Wordos (my writing workshop) in Pirate speak (lots of arrghs and ahoy’s and weird words from speak like a pirate day websites) and she sends out emails cheering us all on in funny pirate speak. Very weird, but it’s actually making me write which is a good thing.

We also spent last weekend at Cannon Beach on the Oregon coast. It was awesome. The quaint downtown reminded me oddly of Chagrin Falls, ohio or Carmel, California.

And last, but not least, I am grappling with some issues (that are always there in the background, but I hate acknowledging them) about food and where I buy it and how much money should be spent on it, etc. etc.

Anyway, June will probably be a sparse month journal-wise. This coming week Dad and linda are coming and mia and maika are getting baptized. Maika’s already been “baptized” at Naoto’s childhood shrine in Tokyo, but I thought we’d get her done together with Mia again.

I found myself in the not-as-rare-as-you’d-think position of defending my decision to bring up my girls within the organized church with a friend today. It’s funny how defensive I feel. I mean, according to the media and government I’m in the majority ,right? Then why sometimes do I feel assailed on all sides by both non-organized religion people and the religious right? Can’t please everybody all the time, said a famous relative of mine.

oh well. see you in july.