So Mia started soccer. When I went to sign her up, we had to pick a team (randomly sign her name on one of four pieces of paper). Clueless person that I am, I picked the team with my favorite color: green.

As there was no pink or red team, I guess that color was popular among other mothers of girls. The green team turned out to be eighty percent girls!

Now I swore to myself I would not make the mistake of thinking my daughter is exactly like me.


So imagine my surprise when she didn’t a) hold back or b) cry or c) wander around the field picking dandelions.

Nope, Mia is her own person. She runs after the ball. She is intimidated by the more agressive players, yes, but she does try and gets to kick the ball at least once a period.

And today, she was a star. (pause for wiping away of tears). Yes, my little baby kicked a goal. (okay, there were only three of the four people on the team in the field and the most agressive boy wasn’t there today so she had a better than usual chance of having contact with the ball, but still)

I was so proud of her. I was so proud of her for doing something I have never done. And I hope to go on giving her the opportunities to try different things- even if those things are beyond my experience or comfort zone.

Recently my friend B and I were talking and she said, “Parenting is about giving your children lots of opportunities.”

I think we can all agree on the importance of giving children the opportunity to eat healthy food every day and to sleep in a warm bed and to wear clothes. That stuff is basic. I am lucky enough to have enough money that I want to go beyond the basic stuff.

I want to give Mia opportunities for activities that I never did or could imagine myself doing as a child. It’s very easy for me to get Mia interested in music and theater and studying. It’s a bigger effort for me to make sure she gets painting time and ball sports time as well.

But it’s totally worth it.