…if you ever hear me complain about money.

Because, you know, I have a lot. I mean really really really a lot. And often I slip into this entitlement mentality when I should be on my knees in thanks every day.

Yep, today was a volunteer day, how could you tell? My church, in conjunction with others, does this huge back to school clothing, shoes, backpack and supplies give away to local low-income families once a year at this time. I think about 500 children came today.

And one girl in one of the families I lead through the stations today was so excited. She was so happy to just get a pair of shoes, even if she didn’t really have a large choice of color or style.

She was all like “I get shoes!”

And all I could think of was Mia complaining that she wants another toy and how it’s probably my fault (definitely not naoto’s) that she does so. You want to give your children things to make them happy, but when you do it turns them into entitlement brats instead of thankful girls.

Naoto always tells me he wishes I could go to church every day because when I come back I am always so thankful for my family and loving and trying to be good.

I guess I should volunteer every day, too.