I find, looking back on my life, that most of the major institutions that I deal with I have either chosen by “feel” or have fallen into my lap.

I want to say that I think my college, my grad program, my husband (yes, he is an institution), my current city, my current church, and other things belong on this list.

And I wish I could take credit in the choice. But I waver between thinking I am just the recipient of dumb luck (because, like who goes to eight college campuses and chooses one based on the “feel” of the campus after ten minutes walking around?) or if somehow my subconscious is noticing things that I don’t really see in my conscious perusal?

I say this because my college and my current church were both chosen by “feel” and they both are turning out to be really really good for me and my life in many ways I don’t think I could have foreseen in the ten minutes it took me to decide I liked the place.

But then LEN institute (job in San francisco), my husband, and living in portland were not “choices” really, they all kind of chose me. So maybe it is just dumb luck.

I would like to think I am super-smart and my subconscious observant. But I think not.