I was just accused of being a “foodie” yesterday in a conversation at Mia’s preschool. I was talking to a Japanese mother about cafes with children’s toys in the area when the other US wife-of-a-Japanese-man said “Kirsten, are you being a foodie again?”

(I felt slightly embarrassed, as if I’d farted in public or something)

Anyway, THAT VERY NIGHT I was flipping between Law and Order SVU and the Food Channel, when I saw the indomitably perky Rachel Ray doing one of her $40 a day episodes: but I totally recognized the restaurant!

It was Cleveland!

Not only was it Cleveland, she was walking past High Tide Rock Bottom (and we all know there’s only one of those in the world, right?) Yep, she was on Coventry, and the restaurant she was just in was Tommy’s. She got an omelette (silly girl) although I would recommend meat pies for anyone going to Tommy’s for the first time. And a malted shake.

She proceeded to go to the West Side Market and the Great Lakes Brewing company.

I got so excited. I felt like it was a retrospective of Kirsten’s foodie past.

She even went to Little Italy, too.

Sigh. I’m really jonesing for a Grum’s right now…