I’ve talked before about what one of the major drawbacks to an international marriage: the international aspect.

One of the two spouses must give up their country. I was talking with Japan-related wives today about how as we grow older, we start to miss the comfort of our home countries. (not that I am that old, but even I felt it a year ago when I was in Tokyo)

When I was fresh out of college, I felt like I could live and travel in Japan or Asia or Europe forever. I didn’t really miss the US (except for family and mexican food).

Now, it’s unthinkable. And yet, Naoto is doing it. Okay, it’s not like in the past when there wasn’t affordable air travel and people actually DID give up their countries. But Naoto has consented to live in Portland for the foreseeable future, giving up contacts with his family, his comfort food, television in his own language, impromptu soccer games with his high school friends, being able to vote, being one of the crowd instead of standing out, and the thousand little things that are that much easier to figure out and research and handle when you are in your own country.

So when I make fun of him for never missing his Sunday night samurai drama, or moaning over how incredibly delicious fresh fish is, it’s all the while with thanks in my heart that he is the one on foreign soil, not me.