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So I am half way. And now the fun begins. I have to have my protag fall in like with the wrong guy, realize it, like the right guy instead, find the mastermind behind the giant snake raising, take care of the him, deal with a crazy character undermining her, and reconcile the two parts of her biracial self all in the final half of the book.


Anyway, here’s where I just stopped in the writing:

“How’s Yamaguchi?” Mari said. Mari wished Kosuke would leave. She had her own problems to worry about. She had no idea how to deal with him now.

“He’s fine. He went to his pond to hang out and heal, but he said he’ll be back in a few days,” said Kosuke. “The snake shouldn’t be back in business until then, anyway.”

Mari yawned. There was a long silence, in which Mari could feel a tension that threatened to resolve itself into an emotional knot. Just as Kosuke came back to the bed, Mari pushed the tray away and closed her eyes.

“I’m exhausted,” she said. She opened her eyes and looked out the window. Kosuke took the hint. He mumbled something. He was a warm and musky presence at her side. Mari felt as if every tiny hair on her skin were trained his direction, waiting, open for something. After a minute, Mari felt his mouth, a soft press, on her hand, and he left.

She should be relieved, right? Why then did she feel like crying?”