So Kirsten got to write her first real sex scene. I was totally blushing the whole time. It didn`t help that I was sitting at higashi-murayama`s central park watching naoto play with the girls when I was writing it, either.

Getting lots of writing done here because of lack of 1)places to go 2) people to talk to and 3) english books or tv.

I also wrote a cool part wherein Mari gets attacked by giant Heike crabs (google image “heikegani”):

“Mari stared as each giant Heike crab lifted their oversized, serrated left claw in unison, snapping it rhythmically like a chorus of mad castanet players. Panicked, she breathed in, reaching for the tinglies as she`d been afraid to do since fighting the snake. Her fingers curled around well-worn wood, and she lifted her bow to aim at the crabs.

The gathering tinglies dissipated in a spiral burst of static as her shoulder failed, her arm dorrping to her side as if her muscles were udon noodles. The Heike crabs advanced as one. Mari screamed again. She searched wildly for any kind of weapon, but the only thing in reach was her lamp. She grasped it with her right hand and swung the heavy base at the nearest crab.”

I don`t know my total word count because I foolishly left that information back home in the US, but I have written over 6,800 words here in Japan (that`s almost a thousand words a day, unheard of in Kirsten-ville). And am sure there will be more as I still have a few days left here wherein Mia will be attending her