I was just reading somewhere (probably JayLake or Matociquala) about optimum states of writing and their relationship to sleepiness.

I just experienced the most creative burst in my ENTIRE life when we visited Naoto’s parents for ten days. I was constantly, constantly thinking about TRH and coming up with ideas, even when I was playing with my girls.

I think it was a) I didn’t have responsibility for laundry and food and all that, so my mind was freed to take on other projects and b) I was sleepy all the time.

Whoever it was that I was reading said something like “being sleepy gets you close to your subconscious.” I think I am coming to believe in that. Just as the Lincoln/Suzukis were getting over their return jet lag, we all caught colds so Maika is getting up constantly at night.

I am now sleep-deprived. And last night I got like whole scenes appearing in my mind from TRH despite the fact that I have been stuck and haven’t been able to write since we got home from Tokyo.

So I guess the remedy for writer’s block is to not sleep. Who’d thunk?