Babs_sad tagged me with “the six” that’s been going around. I think I managed to avoid getting this when it went around last year, but okay, I’ll play along (although forgive me for not tagging others..)

Six Weird Things about me:

1. I can’t turn left (for helenahandbasket and duffiemoon)

2. I didn’t hear rock music until I was in third grade (other than simon and garfunkel)

3. I am extremely extremely afraid of the dark. I have to turn on lights all the time. (heart thumping, difficult breathing scared)

4. I have scuba diving flipper scars on my toes

5. I don’t like caviar, truffles (mushroom), uni (expensive sea urchin sushi), foie gras, or fugu (expensive poisonous fish)

6. sometimes when I’m excited I do this flicking fingers together thing that I’ve only ever seen my brother do

and that’s it!