I got an email from Kurodahan Press about a review of of “Straight to Darkness” on Amazon.

Nothing said specifically about “Keepsake of the Grandfather”, but it did say:

“The book is POD and production qualities are good; there were no obvious editorial gaffes. Translations were seamless with no awkwardness coming between the reader and the story (unlike Inverted Kingdom where a few things fell jarringly on the ear (or eye)).”

So I guess that means my translation didn’t suck too badly.

and the reviewer also said:

“That’s about it! I was completely captivated. I feel compelled to say that I got a free reviewer’s copy from Kurodahan Press (only the second time this has ever happened to me), but that did not influence my opinion. I would have bought a copy anyway. Urgently recommended!”

So come on, you KNOW you want to read Japanese Lovecraftian fiction…