Here’s my question of the day: When you move, how long does it take you to “put down roots?” How long until you feel that you are “from” that community?

I was talking with another WOJ (wife of japanese) yesterday at a cafe and heard myself saying to her that I was just now feeling like I could relax a little in Portland. What I meant by that is not only that I know where the stores are and don’t necessarily need google maps to get there anymore, but I also meant that I felt comfortable in the community.

Which got me thinking about how I think this is the first time since maybe…high school…that I have multiple groups of friends each reflecting some important part of my personality.

Of course, also in that conversation, both me and the other WOJ commented that we wished we had known ten plus years ago that we were marrying the country along with the man, which got me thinking about how at least 3 of the multiple groups are Japan-related, but that’s another whole post.

And yet, I don’t feel like a “Portlander”, despite my overall satisfaction. So I was wondering how long it took other people to say “I’m from (current place of residence)” rather than “I’m from (place they grew up)” ?