So another WOJ friend of mine recently had an attack of appendicitis and had to have an emergency operation a few weekends ago.

It all went okay, but she was told by the doctor she wasn’t allowed to pick up anything over ten pounds for SIX weeks.

When I first heard that I was like, “oh, that’s a little incovenient, but not too terrible.” Of course I realized it meant she couldn’t pick up her 2 year old.

But what I didn’t understand was that meant she couldn’t push a shopping cart, vacuum, just scoop up her daughter to get in or out of her minivan, into a shopping cart, or whatever.

And of course that got me thinking about what would happen if I suddenly was incapacitated in that way, or I lost a limb, or if my husband lost a limb or whatever.

How fragile our lives are. I think that my life is a certain away and can’t imagine it changing. But really, it only hangs by a thread.