Naoto just informed me a moment ago that his official nickname for me “internet girl” is changing to “internet old lady” as this is my 35th birthday.

I looked back on my life last night, drinking a very nice pinot gris and waiting for Naoto to get back from putting Maika down to sleep.

I was thinking about what I have accomplished so far that I am most proud of:

Masters degree

Lived in three countries, been to four continents

Happily married

two lovely children

own our own home

Been lucky enough to experience both full time work and full time motherhood

Had three short stories published at “pro” rates

Translated a short story from Japanese

(and I wish I could say “wrote my first novel”, but that’s about three thousand words away as of yet, although I still might make my January 1st deadline)

And I am thinking, this morning, that I am a fairly lucky girl (oh, sorry Naoto, “old lady”).