And lo, a husband appeared in the East, shepherding the children and giving his wife time to write.

And so was the first novel written and finished in first draft form, up to 78,596 words.

And the ending was written, and it was good enough for now:

“Maybe back in Sherwood Jamie had seen Kosuke’s importance in her future and carved the necklace in a badger/tanuki shape, imbuing it with the greenwood at the same time. His greenwood, the otherworld of Robin Hood and Herne the hunter. It was a part of Mari, too. Mari breathed in, feeling tinglies rise up from her belly and flow into her hands. She let the power sit there for a moment, weighing, considering what she was and what she might be.

In the space between her hands, Mari formed an arrow and nocked it to her bow. She took aim at the sleeping salaryman.”

The End

And there was much rejoicing.

Yep, finished the first draft of my very first novel ever. Now I will let it sit for a month or so and go through it to fix all the glaringest errors I can find. Then, be careful oh friends, for I shall be on the hunt for first readers.