…and there was much rejoicing.

Except that Naoto’s going out of town for two weeks to Japan. (cue Kirsten’s anguished scream)

So, my friends, (hint hint nudge nudge) since TRH, first draft, is done, I will now be looking for “beta” or “first” readers to give the following kinds of feedback:

1. where is it boring? (where did you skip parts)

2. where was it confusing or internally inconsistent?

3. were there any parts where you were like “cool” or “that’s stupid”?

4. miscellaneous feedback to taste

In other words, I’m looking for big picture feedback rather than detailed sentence by sentence stuff.

If you’d be willing to do this big task for me, email me with your terms and preferred method of receiving aforementioned first draft and I’ll get back to you.