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“Editor Graeme Penman singles out Kirsten Lincoln’s story, “The Last Moments of Rapture and Peak,” in the introduction, and with good reason. It’s clearly the strongest story of this issue. The science fiction tale introduces us first to a floating corpse, formerly known as Aaron Rapture, who may or may not have been murdered by Galilei Station’s immature AI, Kosuke. In short order, we find another corpse named Peak in similar suspicious circumstances.

The investigator is a Linker, able to communicate with Kosuke—no easy thing in itself and made that much harder by the fact that she once had to “disengage” (some people called it killed) another AI named Ariel. The more she investigates, the more twisted the story she discovers, a story laid out in small pieces one at a time, until she is inevitably faced with a life-altering decision.”


You know, I don’t really think of myself as a science fiction writer. Maybe I was wrong.