I was talking on the phone today with my father. He told me that he read my story “The Last Moments of Rapture and Peak” in Forgotten Worlds.

And it wasn’t what he expected. And it was interesting.

This is high praise from my father, as he isn’t what you would call a scifi fanatic.

Which is cool, because very few people (other than like duffiemoon or helenahandbasket) in my personal life actually READ, let alone like my stuff.

And then to top it all off, I came across this review by Gareth D Jones:

“Kirsten Lincoln is the author whom the editor highly praises, and I have to say I agree with him about ‘The Last Moments of Rapture and Peak’. An Artificial Intelligence may have caused two deaths at a mining colony and is under investigation. The description of the link between human and AI mind is brilliantly original. The story avoids either ‘cyberpunk’ or ‘hard SF’ labels, but is a masterfully told tale of relationships and consequences.”

Did you get that? “masterfully told” Oh yeah, baby.