Yes, that would be me for the past two days. Today seems allright though, I haven’t yelled at my daughters yet today and it’s already…8:30 in the morning

That’s what, a full hour of calm mommy?

I describe myself (mostly to myself because really, how often do you describe yourself to the people in your life. They should already know, right?) as an extroverted introvert.

Yep, I’m an introvert.

But I long for the company of others.

So sometimes, I pile up our schedule with many many social interactions and friend-visits. Usually it’s okay because Naoto comes home in the evening and lets me have some “alone” time headspace by playing with the girls.

But like, he’s gone now. And I still went blithely on with my scheduling, forgetting how much I need Naoto to balance our lives.

So I think I turned into a she-devil under the stress.

So sorry girl1 and girl2, I’ll try to be a better mommy today. It being Valentine’s day and all that.