So my novel buddy from Codex Writers already sent me her feedback on TRH, and in two fridays, my in face group, Welorians, will spend our whole meeting (and believe me, not having enough to say is NEVER our problem) on TRH, as well.

So firstly, I’m hoping someone will come up with a better name than “Tokyo’s Robin Hood,” because I am terrible at titling.

And then, I’m going to bite the bullet, read through all the feedback, and try to hack out a major rewrite and editing by Naoto’s birthday on July 1st.

My Codex writer buddy already submitted her query package to Rachel Vater, (we both sent hooks to her blog to be critiqued) so I guess I need to catch up with her and get my query and synposis written by the end of July.

Then the submissions will begin.

Yikes. Wish me luck.