Girl1 had entrance ceremony last saturday for Japanese saturday school. (“Mom, can I go again tomorrow?” “nope, you have to wait a week”) This is a formal affair with fathers in suits and long, boring speeches from the principal.

You would think, having worked in Japanese schools in Japan that I would be used to this. But no, I forgot. So the other gaijin wife and I made eyes at eachother throughout the whole thing.

And then the same gaijin wife (let’s call her B) sat with me this morning at girl1’s kindergarten orientation parents meeting at Hiteon elementary.

We were rolling our eyes again, only this time because most of the meeting was about how to encourage kindergartners in literacy.

Okay, Yep. Got that covered. Both of our girls read and write Japanese (phonetic alphabet) already. Her girl is a little further on the road to English reading than girl1, but still.

Anyway. My little girl is going to kindergarten. Sniff. My baby’s all grown up.

Girl2 was extremely upset that she wasn’t involved in any of these classes. And that her sister got to ride the yellow school bus.

I keep telling her she’s got to master the potty. Then she can ride on the yellow school bus. 🙂