Due to popular acclaim*, here is the menu at Chez Suzuki tonight:

Naoto’s garlic salmon

konbu and tuna salad

spinach miso soup

sliced zuchinni put in stick-free pan with no oil or anything and just roasted like that with a little salt and garlic powder


Naoto’s garlic salmon

Get some boneless salmon. Slice up like three cloves of garlic. Heat oil in a pan and brown, not burn like Kirsten, the sliced garlic. Take garlic from the pan and put on a plate.

Put salmon in the pan and cook until a brown crust forms on one side.

Put salmon on a plate. Put the browned garlic on top. Pour like three tablespoons of lemon juice over it. Pour like one tablespoon of soy sauce over it. Serve.

Konbu and tuna salad

Reconstitute the konbu. In a different bowl put like three tablespoons of rice vinegar with one tablespoon of soy sauce and a tablespoon of sugar. Pour over Konbu. Slice some cucumber (no skin) thinly. Add to Konbu. Open a can of tuna and crumble over the top. Mix together. Chill.

*Okay, actually only one person just happened to ask me “what are you making for dinner tonight?”