So on top of the day I’m having I am drinking a cheap pinot noir and IM’ing Naoto in Japan.

And there’s this song that I discovered (it’s old, but hey, I was out of the country for like five years) on the website of mine and your favorite Ohio SFF writer (besides me, of course, but I guess I’m a different “O” state now) John Scalzi

Have you heard of Midge Ure? I hadn’t, but his song Breathe

(which was apparently a Swatch commercial, but I must have missed it. Which reminds me, I was in downtown Portland at a city sand castle building event and looked across the street and saw these two thin, young, blonde guys in all black lounging against the building and thought “wow, are they really poseurs hanging out across from touristy Pioneer Square?” and then realized they were at the entrance to a Swatch shop (and thus must be clerks). And then I was like “Wow, so people who buy Swatches want to be served by thin, angsty youngsters with bad haircuts?” and then I just felt old.)

…is AWESOME. And I can totally hear Naoto singing it. And I am so gonna make him sing it to me when he gets back to Japan.

But in the meanwhile I am just going to play it over and over again like do sometimes with certain songs, for example, Steel-eyed Span’s “The Wife of Usher’s Well.”

And after that bit of bathing in British folk music, I got the story “Usher’s Well” published by Ideomancer. (written just to get that gosh darn song out of my head)

Hopefully I’ll get something out of this as well.