Under the influence of two years in Tokyo without a car, I chose the neighborhood where we live because I wanted to be able to be a one car family.

We are achieving this, but only with the help of Naoto’s moped and occasionally borrowing grandma’s car.

We are near groceries, schools, and restaurants. So I thought we were doing okay for a suburb. Not as good as Portland, of course, but whaddaya going to do?

Now I see I was fooling myself. On the Walk Score Scale , my address only rates a 51 out of a 100.

50 – 70 = Some Walkable Locations: Some stores and amenities are within walking distance, but many everyday trips still require a car.

Which is true. I have to drive to girl1’s preschool and piano lesson and swimming lesson.

Starbuck’s is walkable, and so is a fine Italian restaurant. (I’ve got my priorities straight.) But then, I’ve gained about 8 pounds since we moved back to Beaverton that I just KNOW comes from not riding my bicycle everywhere.

How does YOUR neighborhood rate in walkability?

Because you know, that Peak Oil stuff is scary.