….you know, the one where the US dropped an atomic bomb on Nagasaki.

Actually, Hiroshima was yesterday and Nagasaki will be tomorrow (where it actually is tomorrow already in Japan).

70,000 dead just on the day the bomb dropped on Hiroshima.


That’s almost the entire population of Beaverton. Of course that doesn’t count any of the “residual” deaths or cancer-related deaths afterwards.

I was born in America, the only country in the world to use atomic bombs in warfare, and I’m married to a man from Japan, the only country in the world to ever be bombed with atomic bombs in warfare.

And boy does the irony get to me at this time of year.

And boy does it make me aggressively pacifistic. (does that even make sense?)

So, wherever you live, wherever you go tomorrow, make an effort to make a connection to someone you might usually ignore or ridicule or barely tolerate.

We could all stand to receive a little forgiveness.