Why women should rule the world

reason #4 Years of experience negotiating everyone’s role

Have you ever noticed that when little girls play together, 80% of the “play” is negotiating who is who and is going to do what and like only 10% is actually doing it?

girl1 “okay, I’m the princess and I’m going to have this kitty and she’s the princess kitty”

girl2 “I’m a princess kitty, too”

girl1 “no, you can be the queen”

girl2 “I’m the kitty!”

girl1 “okay, then you be the kitty and I’m the supergirl who comes and dances and saves the princess”

girl2 “This is my kitty dress”

girl1 “I want a dress too, can the supergirl wear a cowgirl hat?”

And then they “play” for two seconds and the negotiation begins all over again.

I’ve noticed that when boys play they go something like this:

boy1 “Let’s run over to the other side of the yard.”

boy2 “Yeah!”

and then they commence to run around, climb trees, bang on toys with little negotiation, they just do it.

Who would you rather have as a war leader?

girl1 “Okay, I’ll be the leader of this fertile land and you be the leader of this desert area.”

girl2 “No. I want fertile land, too.”

girl1 “Okay, then, give me some coast and you can have some fertile land.”


boy1 “I want fertile land.”

boy2 “No!” (runs around and bonks boy1 on the head with a nerfbat.)

That’s all I’m saying.